Transcending Classics with Modern Classics

BIBO – A phrase originating from the classic show “Phoenix from the Ashes”
that represented the era was filmed by “TransWorld Television Production” in 1990
It is a TV show with great historical meaning and value
A story filled with originality and creativity took the world by storm
and remains an immense classic in the minds of audiences
as the pinnacle of classic TV shows

Join in developing a new future for the film & television industry

The mission of the BIBOVERSE project is to transform the film & television industry
and assist with creating better shows and programs through community participation
NFT holders are key partners who will participate in film & television projects
and will be able to reap the rewards of future developments

Lula ~ BIBO!

BIBO will launch a limited collection of 1990 portrait-style NFTs,
100 of which will be reserved by our team to build a film & television industry ecosystem.
Holders will enjoy the privilege of participating in various future partnerships and developments
to help decide how future shows and programs will be filmed
Let’s join together and create a new world in the film & television industry
A BIBOVERSE that belongs to us!



The Founder and Chairman of
TransWorld Television Production Company Ltd.
is a renowned producer of TV shows in Taiwan and
is also known in the industry as “The Emperor of TV”

Boss Lee

Top consultant for crisis management in corporate PR
and marketing strategy
Senior media person in Taiwan
Strategic investment consultant for transformation of
the media, film & television industry

Hans Chen

The CEO of Guolea Cultural Design Company is a company
that consults the top brands of Taiwan
and is known in the industry as Taiwan’s “Doctor of Brands”.

Lionel Chiang

Project consultant
Top consultant for strategic development in the blockchain industry
Industrialist with business management experience across industries

“TransWorld Television Production Company Ltd.” Founded in 1996 Taiwan’s largest, most experienced production company Taiwan’s sole film & television production company with capabilities in the areas of dramas/variety/events

In addition to witnessing the historic development of the film & television industry, “TransWorld Television Production Company” has also established many records. The production company boasts the most hours in dramas and owns the most rights to TV shows, which have performed excellently in terms of viewership and won multiple Golden Bell Awards as well as international awards.

“TransWorld Television Production Company” is launching a metaverse flight project for the film & television industry in order to drive industry transformation and actively develop a new generation of directors and actors. We hope to create many amazing projects for an international audience.

Best of Taiwan’s television production companies

Accumulated achievements in TV production


TV show projects


hours of broadcasted shows


total hours in TV production

BIBO…BIBO! Dudu, the divine beast in “Phoenix from the Ashes”

—— returns!

A timeless Taiwanese classic for those born in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s
The Emperor of TV Guo Jian-Hong is leading Dudu into the metaverse
Watch the millennial divine beast transform!
See Dudu in all types of styles


Total Collection:1990

Team Reserves100

First Drop999


Public Launch:2022/2/5 20:00


Total Collection:1990

Team Reserves100

First Drop999


Public Launch:2022/2/5 20:00